Our fleet has the scale and speed to accelerate power plant recovery.

Recovery Capabilities

We have developed an exclusively designed spare transformer fleet that is now available to lease. Our spare transformers are strategically located in staging areas around the globe to expedite recovery.


Our spare transformers were developed in collaboration with a world-class manufacturer, an international engineering firm and with our own talented engineers. The capabilities of our spare transformer fleet include:

  • Range of 50 MVA to 500 MVA
  • LV generator voltage connection range of 10 kV to 24 kV
  • HV grid voltage connection range of 90 kV to 400 kV
  • Designed to be operated in all seismic zones
  • Suitable for 50 HZ and 60 HZ grid operation

AES Spare Transformer Fleet Concept

Our fleet includes a number of site specific spare transformers, similar to other power generation groups.

Our innovative approach was to bolster this fleet with the addition of multi-use transformers, which are designed specifically to serve as spares, having larger ranges of operation.

The end result is a hybrid fleet of transformers, both site specific and multi-use. This design enables a small number of adaptable transformers to back up a large number of plants.


There are two key benefits to our spare transformers fleet:

1. Speed of Recovery

With our fleet, it is possible for a power generator to recover from a transformer failure in as little as eight weeks, reducing an outage period by 75%.

2. Availability

With a robust fleet of transformers strategically located in close proximity to some of the largest ports in the world, we can provide a range of solutions for transformer failures.

Learn more about how it works in the Transformer Lease section.