We have developed a transformer fleet that can be dispatched quickly to serve a global market.

Transfomer Lease

We can help you get your power plant back online quickly with one of our spare transformers.

How it works

A generator step up transformer fails at a power generation plant. To minimize the outage period, the power generation business leases an AES spare transformer. The power generation plant is back online and continues to serve its customers.
These failures can be sudden and unexpected, and the recovery of the lost generation following such an event can be lengthy. These failures usually result in significant financial losses for both the generating and insurance companies. This enables the plant to return to service and mitigate business interruption losses. The AES spare transformer fleet is available to be dispatched globally. The AES spare transformer enables the plant to continue to operate until the failed transformer is either repaired or replaced. Once the damaged transformer is ready for service, the original configuration of the plant is restored and the AES transformer is returned to the staging location.

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